YES I'M BACK AFTER 4 MONTHS!  Sorry for neglecting this place for so long as I've been real busy with tests, quizzes and exams :(...


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Sorry for neglecting this place for so long as I've been real busy with tests, quizzes and exams :( 
You can finally stop missing me now, hehehe! 

reopens at Ascott Raffles Place Singapore!

Foie gras with kiwi? Duck kut teh? These are the brainchildren of Chef Derrick Ow, who currently helms Froth. The newly revamped Froth is now nestled inAscott Raffles Place Singapore. Just a stone's throw away from Raffles Place MRT station, the 140-seater restaurant exudes a minimalist vibe and opts for the dichotomy of black and white asits colour scheme. Its muted interior design however belies the adventurous culinary journey that Chef Derrick brings his guests on.

With a penchant for using unconventional culinary techniques, the chef playfully imbues western 
classics with a local flair. The eclectic menu will feature both brand-new dishes as well as all-time favourites. 
Hot & Cold Foie Gras (S$23.90++)
The hot: Irresistible pan-seared foie gras is perched on toasted butter brioche with pomegranate and truffle honey apple reduction. Then, savour the cold: Cut through the chilled foie gras to find a liquid centre of apple and kiwi puree. Crushed sable, crunchy celery and Granny Smith slaw add to its textures. If you're a Foie Gras lover, you'll definitely love this dish! Definitely not something you can get anywhere! 

Lobster Jelly (S$22.90++)
Lobster Jelly (S$22.90++): Chilled lobster chunks are housed in a wobbly tomato jelly made from scratch. Marinated vine cherry tomatoes, edible flowers and cresses impart flavours to the dish as well. Finally, wasabi and ginger powder lend Japanese sensibilities, and recall the traditional maki.

Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger (S$34.90++)
Think the traditional ngoh hiang, but with a wagyu twist. The patty is wrapped in crispy beancurd skin and then deep fried. Completing the towering burger are baby arugula, tomatoes and soft brioche burger buns. So good! The patty wasn't too dry or too wet, just perfect! LOOK HOW GENEROUS THEY ARE WITH THE PATTY!!

SioBak Aglio ($25.90++)
Homemade slow roasted tender pork belly with delightfully crisp crackling is the perfect combination with bak-gua inspired honey pork bacon. It’s served alongside with chilli linguine, which kicks up a notch in flavor throughout the entire dish. Mmm, spicy lover? Definitely your choice of option.

Ponzu Soya Cod (S$35.90++)
MY FAVOURITE DISH OF THE TASTING! This features a cod fillet cooked using the sous vide technique. The fish is placed in a 45-degree-Celsius water bath for 50 minutes, and then paired with ponzu and sesame soya glaze. The skin is then charred to achieve a crispy crackling. Wasabi edamame puree, smoked mash, baby peaches and bok choy round out the dish. the sauce was so good I can't even.. Wouldn't mind another plate of it, really. 

Location: 2 Finlayson Green, Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
Nearest MRT: Raffles MRT station
Contact: +65 63361228