Nan Hwa Fishboat is one of the oldest fish head steamboat restaurants in Singapore and has recently unveiled its second outlet along Owen ...

Nau Hwa Fishboat

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Nan Hwa Fishboat is one of the oldest fish head steamboat restaurants in Singapore and has recently unveiled its second outlet along Owen Road which is just a few minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT station. The restaurant has been in existence since 1927, which means that it has been around for 88 years! After so many years of long queues at the flagship branch at North Bridge Road, you can now head over to the second outlet.

For the very first time, customers will get to enjoy premium Dragon Grouper and Potato Cod Grouper fish head charcoal steamboat in a traditional  setting at the outlet at Owen Road. The Dragon Grouper is a species from the Tiger and Giant Grouper family, and it is farmed in an aquaculture recirculation system. This would mean that the flesh of the fish has a firmer texture and thicker skin than its counterparts. On the other hand, the Potato Cod Grouper is an extremely rare species as there are only two farms in Asia which supplies this fish!

Other than these two premium fishes, customers can also enjoy a wide array of fresh fishes such as pomfret, red snapper and red grouper. Based on the fish preference, customers will be able to relish the distinctive flavours of the soup broth based on the chosen fish!

Premium Live Dragon Grouper 龙虎斑 charcoal fish head steamboat ($38/$48/$68) 
Looks a lot bigger in real life as compared to the photos :p
Apart from the signature Fish Head Steamboat, there's a wide variety of "tze char" dishes served as well, many of which are exclusive only to the Farrer Park branch, including the Crisp-fried Prawn in Golden Prawn Sauce, Champagne Pork Ribs, Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clam and many more.

I had the great opportunity to try the Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clam and it was my favorite dish here. The Rice Wine broth is distinctly different from the more commonplace "white wine vinaigrette" taste and its so tasty! I think I almost drank half the bowl :D

Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clam ($15.80, regular)

Sambal Sotong! Usually the chilli used in dishes like these either "make or break" the dish. In this case, it was delicious and went extremely well with the sotong. Not really a huge fan of Sotong but I found it pretty good!
Stir-fried Sambal Sotong ($11.80, regular)
Yet another Salted-egg yolk prawn? Think again! The Crisp-fried Prawn in Golden Pumpkin Sauce is a mixture of pumpkin and salted-egg yolk sauce. The sauce forms a crispy layer around the prawn and is simple delish! It's also accompanied by the spicy chilli padi to give it some "kick"!
Crisp-fried Prawn in Golden Pumpkin Sauce ($18.80, regular)
Next up, my personal model ( :p ) is holding on to the "Summer Garden Stir-fry Vegetables", a mixture of eggplant, lady's finger and long beans. Another one of the favorites at our table, super crunchy and tasty!
Summer Garden Stir-fry Vegetables ($8.80, regular)
Lastly! I had the amazing opportunity to try out their new dessert in the making (not on the menu yet as of my visit). Something similar to bubur hitam, but instead of Coconut Milk, they used Coconut ice cream. I loved it so much I had to ask for extra servings :)

Till this day, the brand is still driven by a mission to recapture the nostalgia of families and friends bonding over a traditional steamboat meal.

Location; 93/95 Owen Road S218907
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park MRT
Contact: +65 6297 9319
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 4.30pm to 12.30am