Not sure where to dine this Chinese New Year? Why not head down to Guan Kitchen to have a spellbinding gourmet experience this festive seas...

Guan Kitchen

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Not sure where to dine this Chinese New Year? Why not head down to Guan Kitchen to have a spellbinding gourmet experience this festive season. You will get to savour the mouth-watering cuisines in a new-age, air-conditioned interior with a traditional chinese decor.

The restaurant is located along River Valley Road which serves Zi Char, but with a East-meets-West-twist. Lined with wooden furniture, the restaurant emanates a very homely-feel and is perfect for family and private gatherings.

Also, Guan kitchen is helmed by Malaysian chefs with more than 15 years of experience so you can expect quality dishes. 

As for this Chinese New Year, the chefs have come up with three special dishes - Golden Prawn Ball ($38 for 8), Five Auspicious Wonders ($128) and Codfish with Demi-glace in Hotplate ($38).

De-shelled emerald prawns are coated with mayonnaise and then wrapped with potato and pork floss and are deep-fried. It is crispy on the outside but soft on the outside, a perfect combination of both!

Golden Prawn Ball ($38 for 8)
I have tried marmite pork ribs, salted-egg pork ribs, but it's definitely my first time trying Lemongrass Pork Ribs! The ribs are glazed with a combination of lemongrass and malbec (a red wine) and their special secret sauce! Chop nuts are also drizzled to enhance the flavour of the dish. The meat has a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is enlivened by the piquant and aromatic flavour of lemongrass, a requisite ingredient in asian cuisines.

Lemongrass Pork Ribs ($22)
Oooooh, my favourite dish of the night. The fish skin is thinly-sliced and prepared with seasonings imported from Nanyang. If you are a salted-egg lover, you are sure to fall in love with this! The salted egg was generously coated over each slice of fish skin. It was so delicious that we had to order another plate! :P

Crisp-fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk ($15)
Sauteed Lotus roots with Macadamia ($15)
Next up is the Red Grouper Soup with pickles! The thick and flavourful broth was slightly spicy with a slight sour taste. It has a delicate mix of pickled vegetables, tomatoes and red grouper and tastes very different from the usual "milky fishead steamboat" that it shares its appearance with, the soup tastes are as different as heaven and hell. As it is part of Guan kitchen's daily house specials, pray hard it's available when you come!

House Special - Red Grouper Soup with Pickles ($38)
It is a dish which offers a mound of salty and fragrant radish atop a silky beancurd. The beancurd is first fried to a golden-brown crisp on the exterior and then topped with crispy and delicious fragrant radish. Ahhhh it is super crispy on the outside and yet the silky flesh melts in your mouth. Honestly speaking, it is definitely one of the best "chai poh tofu" I have eaten.

Homemade Preserved Radish Beancurd ($13.80)
 Affordable dishes that are delicious and plentiful in their serving. Guan Kitchen also offers house specials daily so gourmands do not fret, you can expect new surprises each time you visit the restaurant!

Location: 225 River Valley Rd. Singapore 238283
Nearest MRT: Somerset
Contact: +65 6333 6003
Opening Hours; 11am to 12am daily