The Holqa, which means "link" in maltese, is the latest addition to my must-eat list along katong. Some Temasek Polytechni...

The Holqa

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The Holqa, which means "link" in maltese, is the latest addition to my must-eat list along katong.

Some Temasek Polytechnic students may find this name familiar, as it stems from the orientation camp empire name where the owners of this cafe, Simple and Welson met. Holqa aims to bring people together through delicious food and a space to relax and chill.

Their new menu revamp features 5 flavors of delicious crispy mid-wings.

First-up, Peanut Butter Space Jam Wings.
Peanut butter X crispy wings, something that most people will either love or hate, do give it a try if you love peanut butter, it may work for you!
Peanut Butter Space Jam Wings ( 3pc - $5, 6pc - $9, 9pc - $12 )
Next up, we have the Pineapple Buffalo Wings, it is SUPER SUPER spicy, be warned !
The sweet pineapple not just for decoration but rather a refreshing contrast to "soften" the spiciness
of the wings. Spicy food lovers would definitely enjoy this.

Pineapple Buffalo Wings ( 3pc - $6,  6pc - $11, 9pc - $16 )
Salted egg + chicken wings ? Oh my god ! Bringing you the best of both worlds, Holqa has managed to bring infuse the salted egg gravy with their crispy wings, and it was pretty delicious.
It also has a pretty cute name, "Yallow Yellow Dirty Fella"

Yallow Yellow Dirty Fella
Ninja wings, originally planned as the "less spicy" version of their SnS-Ji Wings, it has also made a name for itself as one of the most delicious mid-wings here. Definitely a strong competitor against all the numerous korean fried chicken shops in Singapore.

 Ninja Wings ( 3pc - $5, 6pc - $9, 9pc - $12 )
Lastly, definitely my favorite, their signature SnS-ji wings, a word-play on the KPOP group SNSD.
Absolutely delicious, a cross-between ninja wings and pineapple buffalo wings.

 SnS-Ji Wings ( 3pc - $5, 6pc - $9, 9pc - $12 )
Apart from wings, Holqa does serve up some pretty appetizing starters, including the flavorful paprika fries we chose. P.S. Tsum Tsums not included ;)

Spiced Parprika Fries ($7)
Next-up, they serve two very delicious flavors of Mini-Burgers: Pulled Pork Mini-Burgers and Open Sesame Mini-burger. The Pulled Pork Mini-Burgers was a combination of Welson's family's secret Pulled Pork recipe combined with the super cute Mini Burgers now so popular amongst Singaporeans.

On another hand, Open Sesame Mini-Burgers contain one of the most succulent and delactable prawn and pork patty I have ever eaten.

Pulled Pork Mini-Burger & Open Sesame Mini-Burger ($12)
Also, the name of the TP orientation empire the owners met at
If you haven't already been to the Holqa, now is a pretty good time to try. I am definitely returning for those SnS-Ji wings. Thanks Holqa for this invite, definitely found yourselves a new regular.

Location:37 East Coast Road, Singapore 428755
Contact: +65 66357010
Nearest MRT: Tanah Merah / Bedok / Dakota / Mountbatten
Opening Hours: 12pm to 9pm [Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri] & 11am to 9pm [Sat, Sun]
Full Menu: