De' Beer's first outlet at Kranji Farm Resort started its roots in 2008 which is rather inaccessible if you don't drive. Howev...

De' Beer Seafood Restaurant

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De' Beer's first outlet at Kranji Farm Resort started its roots in 2008 which is rather inaccessible if you don't drive. However, De' Beer's Seafood restaurant has grown and is now serving up at the West side at its second branch at Sunset Way, it is definitely a chinese restaurant not to miss for seafood! The enclave's tag line "Sunset Lane. Dine. Chill." is apt. As expected of an authentic local seafood restaurant, a wide array of delectable local seafood fare awaits its patrons, with each dish meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients.

The restaurant was exceedingly spacious, with indoors (air-conditioned), Alfresco and Private Function room seating.

The freshness of the La La clams when placed in my mouth! Succulent and tender, every bite into each La La gave a really fresh seafood taste! The vermicilli piled high with clams in a sweet, clear broth elevated with lashings of black pepper. 
De Beer Specialty La La Bee Hoon (500g - $18, 1kg - $34)
Braised Hong Kong Kai Lan with Beacurd Skin and Wolfberries (S - $14, M - $22, L - $26)
The Flaming Chicken was set ablaze before my eyes, with flames dancing around, tickling my appetite. The waitress poured the Chinese Rose wine at 53% alcohol by volume into the spout of custom-made Mongolian hotpot. The waitress repeatedly cautioned us away from the fire as it was really really HOT! The chicken was deboned and was displayed in the savoury soup very neatly. The meat was really tender and I love how the meat absorbs the soup!

Flaming Chicken ($60)

Flaming Chicken ($60)

Spare Ribs with Guinness Stout and Champagne (S - $16, M - $24, L - $30)
The waitress placed a lidded wooden bucket with incessantly flowing hot steam on the table. The fresh prawns are steamed on heated pebbles, with Chinese wine and herbs. And yup, that's precisely how the name of the dish Drunken Sauna Prawns came about! Needless to say, de-shelling the prawn was all worth it! The prawns had a really sweet taste till the very last morsel.
Drunken Sauna Prawns (500g - $30, 1kg - $58)

Chilli Crab (Seasonal Price)
The highlight of the meal! At first, I expected a really wet gravy-like salted egg sauce but instead the salted egg goodness was stuck to every inch of the shell on the crab! I pretty much licked the salted egg coating off the shell. The crabs were really fresh as well, which left a delicate sweet after-taste. I liked how the cheese taste wasn't too strong as I'm a salted egg crab lover myself!
Signature Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Cheese (Seasonal Price)
At De' Beer Seafood Restaurant at Sunset Way, the services they provide ranges from corporate events to birthday celebrations and even simple family dinner or meet-up sessions!

Once again, thank you De' Beer for the wonderful dinner and StarNgage for the invitation! :)

Location: 106 Clementi St. 12. #01-38/40/42. (Sunset Way), 120106, Singapore
Nearest MRT: Clementi Station
Opening Hours: 11am to 2.30pm daily, 5.30pm to 11pm daily
Contact: +65 64641365