Sum Kee is owned by a Singaporean with a Malaysian Tze Char chef to helm the kitchen. Sum Kee food started their business almost a decade ag...

Sum Kee Food

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Sum Kee is owned by a Singaporean with a Malaysian Tze Char chef to helm the kitchen. Sum Kee food started their business almost a decade ago at the corner coffeeshop located near River Valley Road. They then moved to Zion Road and they finally settled at Yeo's Building a few years back. Despite its out-of-the-way locale, Sum Kee still attracts a good crowd comprising long-timers and multi-generational types who loves the traditional Tze Char style. The restaurant has free parking aplenty, more than 50 lots available! 

Sum Kee Food is not specialized in Seafood, so do not expect all the high class seafood cuisine you can get!

Ultraman chicken is basically diced chicken coated with salted egg sauce, fried till golden brown. Typical Tze Char stuff, but very well done! With a superhero name for a dish, it lives up to its expectation! Wonder how the name came about? It is named after Ultraman because this beloved manga character's Chinese name is literally translated as Salted Egg Superman (咸蛋超人).
Ultraman Chicken 咸蛋超人鸡
Hei Cho 五香虾枣
Four Season Bean 菜脯四季豆
Wallet Chicken is a really special dish served over at Sum Kee. It is basically a whole chicken which has been deboned (including the drumstick!) and stuffed with glutinous rice. The chicken is also stuffed with diced chicken meat, peanuts, chestnuts and dried shitake mushroooms. The stuffing is similar to Ba Zhang, wonderfully moist. It gets sold out really fast so do give a call for reservation or do reach there early! 
Wallet Chicken 荷包满满

The Curry Fish Head gravy is not too diluted or too thick, perfect viscosity to go with your rice! The curry gravy is good as they grind their rempah themselves. The fish they use is Red Snapper, also commonly known as Ang Zhor. Since I have always been a curry fish head lover, this was perfect for me! The flesh was cooked so perfectly such that it is smooth and tender.
Curry Fish Head 咖喱鱼头
Pumpkin Tofu 金瓜豆腐
Not the usual kang kong which you usually eat elsewhere, the kang kong is served with cuttlefish on top! Not too spicy so that it does not overwhelm the taste of the cuttlefish as well as the Kang Kong. The generous amount of crushed peanuts and seasame on top makes it crunchy and yummy and everything just becomes a party in your mouth! Not everyone would get used to but I would definitely recommend to give it a try!
Kang Kong with Cuttlefish 尤鱼翁菜

Who doesn't love Salted egg sauce? What more with crabs? The crab that was served were really fresh as the meat did not stick to the shell.
Salted Egg Crab 咸蛋螃蟹
The Black Pepper crab isn't too Black-peppery. Just nice! It didn't give the choking-feel and it was pretty sweet I must say. Definitely one of the best Black Pepper crabs hands down!
Black Pepper Crab 黑胡椒螃蟹

Chilli crab, everyone eats it! The spiciness was just nice and it goes really well with the deep fried mantou.
Sum Kee uses Sri Lankan crabs and each crab is about 700g.

Media Tasting with StarNgage
Media Tasting with StarNgage

As you can see, Sum Kee serves many outlandish names that would really catch your attention!
Sum Kee is a comfortable place to have family gatherings or just have typical Tze Char meal! The food is mostly wallet-friendly. I will definitely be back to try the other dishes such as the Steam chicken with ginger sauce and Coffee pork ribs!

Thank you StarNgage for this food tasting event at Sum Kee Food and thank you Sum Kee food for being such wonderful hosts!

Location: No.2, TELOK BLANGAH ST 31, YEO'S BUILDING, Singapore 108942
Nearest MRT: Labrador Park MRT
Opening Hours: Open daily from 11am - 11pm. Last order at 10.30pm