Hello all! :) I am finally done with constructing my blog after procrastinating for so long. I'll start off my blog with my Bali trip ...

Bali: 5 - 9 May 2015

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Hello all! :)
I am finally done with constructing my blog after procrastinating for so long. I'll start off my blog with my Bali trip which I went during 5-9 May.

Arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 1 for our flight to Bali :) It's my first time to Bali, and it'll definitely not be my last! Took Jetstar as it had the best deal during May :)  

Changi Airport Terminal 1

So anyway, when we arrived at Denpasar Airport, there were many Taxi services, both private as well as the public ones, most of them wanted to charge us 300,000 rupiah (about $30sgd) to go to Kuta/Legian area which was way more than it should have been! Luckily, I did my research and heeded my sister's advice before the trip and managed to get a cab at 100,000 rupiah ($10sgd)! :) So if you're heading to Kuta/Legian area, do remember that you shouldn't be paying more than 100,000 rupiah! 

Checked into The Spot Legian, a hotel which was located near the popular clubs and bars such as Skygarden and Paddy's Club. The hotel is only about 10 minutes walk to Beachwalk, one of the biggest shopping mall in Kuta. 

After that, we had breakfast at Warung Jegeg Bulan, a local restaurant which is located just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Ate Green Curry Chicken / Aglio Olio from there and the portion was pathetic and it was really blend. However, the meal only cost about $8sgd.
Thai Green Curry Chicken & Aglio Olio

Continued exploring Kuta/Legian area and had lunch at Alleycats. The food was decent and the portion was really big, I could barely finish them! The entire meal only costed about $10sgd!
Special spicy baguette & Beef steak

Walked along the streets and stopped by a dessert shop called Flapjacks. Had waffle with greentea ice cream and it was really good. The photos on the menu did not disappoint me!
Green tea waffle w/ green tea ice cream

Visited Waterbom Bali, asia's number 1 water themepark! :) The attractions were rather different compared to others. There were a few rides still under construction though, but I heard that it will be completed by the end of this year! I didn't manage to take much photos of the rides itself but you can visit my instagram @ https://instagram.com/p/2Vl6r5PI3Q/?taken-by=pigtoria for a few snippets of the rides! 

Had lunch in the themepark itself. Surprisingly, the price of the food/drinks in the themepark was pretty reasonable. Unlike other themeparks, it would usually cost about 1.5 times higher than the usual price.

Basically spent the entire morning and afternoon at Waterbom :) Headed back to the hotel to wash up and rest and we were off for dinner at Fat Chow. It was rated as the #2 restaurant in Kuta area! They offer asian/western food such as Thai green curry and Baby back ribs.
Baby back ribs & Thai green curry

White water rafting day at Telaga Waja river and cafe-hopping at Seminyak! :) 

Telaga Waja 4m drop!

The rafting at Telaga Waja river was about 16km long and there was a 4m drop at the end of the 16km :) I've done many rafting and the 4m drop was indeed the best I've been to! Hmm however, along the river the current is pretty small. The rafting ended about 1.30pm and we had lunch there. 

Got back to the hotel at about 3.30pm and we prepared to head over to Seminyak for some cafe-hopping! I shall let the photos do the talking :)
The Fat Turtle

Thai Corner

Thai Corner

The Earth's cafe

The Coffee Library
Guess how much is this Egg's Benedict? It's only about $3.50sgd!! The service at The Coffee Library was sooooo good. The staff were really friendly and they kept offering to help us take photos :) A definitely must-go cafe in Seminyak IMO!
The Coffee Library

Lello Lello
SURFING! :D Took up surfing lessons for about $5sgd/hour with a personal instructor along Kuta Beach. Paid another $5sgd for the rental of the surfboard for the entire day (yes it's unlimited!) It's so fun, but really tiring as well. Got a lot of abrasions/cuts because the surfboard was really rough and I didn't wear long sleeves/long pants. Had lunch along the beach, bought those packet food by the aunties walking around with baskets. It's sooooooooo delicious. One of the best local food ever?! Fried noodles, fried rice and BAKSO! Bakso is basically sold at those pop-up pushcart stalls which you can find anywhere along the streets, and you can get a bowl at about $2sgd.
Surfing :)

Surf errdayyyy

Did surfing on the last day again and headed back to Singapore.

  1. Take metered taxis (Bluebird taxi), the starting fare is only about $0.70sgd.
  2. Be sure to check around different tour companies (for island hopping, water rafting..etc) as they can charge you up to 3 times!
  3. Change your currencies only in reputable shops such as inside a shopping mall.
  4. Buy alcoholic drinks from supermarkets/convenience shops as they are much much cheaper.
  5. Take their local public shuttle bus, Kura Kura Bus. 
  6. Avoid drinking Arak, a traditional Balinese alcohol, as some bartenders mix Methanol inside.
Do contact me at victoriapigtoria@gmail.com if you want to know more :)